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Click on the category to get to the photos. More categories are being added all the time. If you can provide any missing photo details, please email them to me. Also, email all requests for copies of the images to the link below.

Please excuse the quality of some of the images. Some of the older photos were taken by a kid with a Kodak Instamatic! Also, many of my older slides were deteriorating color-wise, which is one of the reasons I created this site. My thought is to present & preserve as much as I can, before the images are gone forever.....

Thanks for your contributions to this site!  Photos last updated on 04/24/2019.

Recent Additions - America on Wheels 2014, Grandview 2017, Manzanita 2005

Special thanks to Mark Southcott, Mike Monnat, Rick Allen, Steve Lynch, Louie Lynch, Kenny Troyer, Ted Schmidt, John Mosher, Dawn Maynard, Bill Barber, Tom Wiest, Tony Hanbury, Jeff Page, John Truesdail, Chris Zacharias, Michael Marrer, Darrell Welty, Jeff King, Kevin Hahn, Duane Canfield, Carol Houssock, Zach Truesdail, Tom Fuchs, Brett Casterline, Fred Amann, Tom Sherman, Larry Jendras, Steve Malin, Brian Vandewalle, Rich Mendoza, Barry Kingsley, Allen Clark, Jay Mooney, Mike Harris, Brian MacDonald, Mike Sessler, Kevin Timmerman, Scott Colbert, Dennis Diak, Greg Schoonover, John Reus, Brian May, Mark Humphrey, Glenn Canfield, Kevin Mendel for photo identification.




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