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Lancaster (NY) Speedway - 2007

Photos in this category from Terry & Louie Lynch

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Dan Knoll

Mark Tychoniewicz

Kevin Lewis

Darren Scherer

Mike Stevenson

Frank Booker

Mike Stevenson

Erick Rudolph

Craig Dolphin

Eddie Murray

Nick Cappelli

Eric Doktor

Tom McGrath

Billy Burd

Ed Weber

Ed Weber

Doug Reaume

Doug Reaume

Pete Brittain

Kirk Rutherford

Kirk Rutherford

Sherri Hogan

Jan Leaty

Chuck Hossfeld

Brett Scherrer

Bill Hebing

Sege Fidanza

Phil Slater

Sean O'Neill

Andy Jankowiak

Bobby Holmes

Ted Renshaw Replica

37 Falcon

Louie, Mike Loescher





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